5. 1. 2019

What we do

Our work in a nutshell

Today’s labor market is hectic, full of changes and difficulties. Sometimes, it’s hard not to get lost. However, you are not on your own – let us be your guide, advisor and partner. We pick the best employees for companies and the best jobs for candidates.

We like challenges

That is why we dive into projects that other recruiters decline. When we decide to fill a position, we do our best to reach the goal. We believe that there is a perfectly fitting candidate somewhere, we just have to find him.

Most projects ready within 3 months

Of course, the candidate can sometimes decline the offer and this prolongs the recruitment process. In that case, we are patient and persistent. Recruitment is not a race and the most important is the final result – a content employee and a satisfied employer.

10+ years

  1000+ positions

We focus on what we know best. For 10 years, we have been delivering candidates for more than 1000 technical and engineering management jobs. We always try to provide the best service – therefore we connect talented candidates and companies only if we are 100% positive that expectations on both sides can be fulfilled.

Cooperating with us is definitely a good idea. Why?


We know where to find the best candidates and how to get in touch with them.

No headhunting.

We act as equal partners to the candidates and our mutual relationship is built on trust.

100% success.

If we promise something, we make sure you get it.

Full-time cooperation.

We never take more commitments than we can responsibly handle.


Thanks to regular reporting, you can easily follow the progress made in your project.

Any questions?

Give us a call or come to see us at our office in the Brno city center, close to St. Jacob’s Church. We will be more than happy to help.