19. 3. 2021


We’re ready to find you the best colleagues

we're executive search specialists

We fill positions all around Europe

Every year we find 40 candidates all around Europe for engineering as well as C-level management jobs.

First candidates introduced within 4 weeks

If the process is efficient on your side, too,
we’ll be done within two months.

How does it all work?

1. Establishing search priorities
2. Identifying candidates
3. Meeting candidates
4. Shortlisting suitable candidates
5. Interviews at the client’s office
6. Checking references
7. Personality assessment
8. Candidate accepting the job
9. Candidate joining the firm
10. Replacement guarantee

Why go with headhunters? Why not just a recruitment agency?

What else can you think about?

We always try to meet our client’s requirements as closely as possible. If there’s no ideal candidate on the market, we try to guide our client to adjust the requirements to have the project finalised successfully.

Without looking into the reason why the former one left, we will find you a new candidate for free.

If you decide to hire the candidate, we’ll keep the advance payment to cover our project costs. No other costs will arise.

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