5. 1. 2019

Our Team

Our Team


    Headhunter & Managing Partner
    Over the past 10 years, I´ve met great people, professionals and interesting personalities. This is one of the reasons why I love recruiting and do my best to deliver excellent services to my clients. I am aware that as a recruiter I have the power to change people’s lives, therefore I do my job with respect and humility. On one hand, I am an ambassador of companies with interesting and exceptional stories. And on the other hand, I am a partner to talented candidates, helping them find the most suitable job.
    For the last 8 years, I have been focusing mostly on technical and managerial jobs in mechanical engineering, manufacturing and developer companies throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and partly Germany. Read more
  • Michal Toman

    Headhunter & Managing Partner
    Many employers decide to get in touch with us when they have tried everything and still haven’t found a perfect candidate for the job opening. Candidates, on the other hand, use our service if they need a professional guide who´ll navigate them through their carrier and help them point out the (dis)advantages of various projects. I try to be someone you can put your trust in. In exchange, I do my best to make your dreams and goals come true.
    I like recruitment for its diversity and creativity. There are not only pleasant things I have to deal with. However, I believe that problems and uncomfortable situations are just opportunities leading to something positive in the end. Read more

    My specialization in the Engage Advisory team is sourcing. Together with Peter we are responsible for finding the right professionals, managers and directors in the engineering industry, looking for digital information that everyone leaves behind on the internet and especially social media.
    Sometimes, it is absolutely impossible to deliver the right person for the job without proper sourcing. Thanks to my work can Michal, Vladimír, and Olga concentrate on working with people while I do the sourcing part for them.
    I believe that the Engage Advisory team is the perfect fit for me, I couldn’t have imagined better colleagues. Read more
  • Petr Klescht

    I have been working with and for clients all my life. I always make sure that our communication is straightforward and I try to help or advise anytime when needed. Every client has a different story to tell, so I listen very carefully to learn from them as well. For me, right recruiting is helping clients in finding their career path. Will you join them in this search?

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